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Dental Implants Vs Dentures

Tooth loss is a serious issue that affects every part of your life. It is caused by some different reasons, including gum disease and facial trauma. No matter how you lose your teeth, no matter if they fall out on their own or they need to be extracted, missing teeth need to be replaced. If you are missing several teeth, or even a full arch, you have a few options with dentures or with dental implants. At Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery and Dental Implant Center, we can help you to determine the best treatment to meet your specific needs.

What Happens When I Lose Teeth?

Tooth loss is a serious issue that impacts every part of your life. Effects of tooth loss include:
•  Decreasing the quality of your smile, which can have a significant impact on your confidence.
•  Difficulty biting and chewing, which can also impact your digestion and your overall nutrition.
•  Trouble speaking properly.
•  Your jawbone begins to lose mass and change shape. This affects the alignment of any healthy teeth remaining in the arch as well as the shape of your face.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures have been in use for hundreds of years for replacing missing teeth. Dentures, which are removable, consist of acrylic resin teeth set into a rigid, acrylic base. Made from impressions of your mouth, dentures rest directly on your gums, which provide support for your prosthetic teeth. Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth while partial dentures replace sections of missing teeth.

Benefits and Drawbacks to Traditional Treatment

Benefits of dentures include:
•  Appearing more natural. Modern dentures look much more natural and less bulky than older types of dentures.
•  You can eat and speak normally again.
•  Your smile, and your confidence, is restored.

Drawbacks of dentures include:
•  Requiring additional care each night that can become tedious.
•  They are supported by your gums., which can cause discomfort.
•  Slipping out of place or falling out.
•  Your speech may be altered until you relearn how to speak properly.
•  Bone loss still occurs. Your jawbone continues to weaken and change shape. Dentures need to be periodically replaced to ensure proper function and fit.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a modern solution for replacing missing teeth. This unique treatment uses small titanium posts, which are surgically placed into your jawbone, to provide support for your dental restorations. As you heal from the surgical procedure, your jawbone gradually fuses to the posts in a natural process called osseointegration. This process stabilizes the posts in your jaw and turns them into the roots that hold your new teeth firmly in place. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even an entire arch of teeth.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide several significant benefits, including:
•  Looking, feeling, and working just like your real teeth. Ceramic restorations look exactly like your real teeth, and your speech is perfectly restored.
•  Greater comfort. Your teeth are supported by the titanium posts rather than your gums.
•  Your restorations can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth.
•  The titanium posts stimulate your jaw just like your natural tooth roots. This stimulation stops and prevents bone loss in your jaw, helping to maintain its shape and integrity.

While dental implants provide several significant benefits, they also have a few drawbacks as well.
•  Implants require a surgical procedure.
•  Surgery requires a recovery period, which can last several weeks to several months.
•  If you do not have enough bone mass in your jaw, you may require a bone graft first.
•  Implants may fail.
•  Dental implants can be expensive, and they may not be covered by insurance.

If you are missing teeth, it is imperative that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Replacing missing teeth restores not only the functions of those missing teeth but your oral health and quality of life as well. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery and Dental Implant Center at (570) 323-1900 today.


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