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Dental Technology

a patient having 3d imaging done at Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery and Dental Implant Center
We live in a time where technological developments are always happening. In the field of dentistry, technological developments are continually helping to improve how we provide you with care, the quality of care you receive, and the outcomes of many different procedures. At Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery and Dental Implant Center, we are proud to offer some of the latest dental technologies to help you maintain optimal oral health and a beautiful smile.

3D Imaging Unit

Our 3D imaging unit allows us to take a scan of your mouth that is then displayed on a computer monitor in 3D. Taking the image requires less than a minute to complete. A cone-shaped X-ray beam rotates 360 degrees around your head. As it rotates, it takes several pictures. The computer puts these pictures together to create a single 3D image that is displayed almost immediately on our computer monitor. We are then able to use specialized software to manipulate the image in some different ways. We can rotate the image, zoom in and enhance, and change the image from black and white to color. The image shows us bone, teeth, muscles, ligaments, and joints. We can even see nerve passageways. This type of imaging technology helps us to diagnose some different issues as well as provide you with much more effective treatment plans. Planmeca 3D Imaging Unit

Nobel X-Guide Navigation

The Nobel X-guide navigation system helps us to provide you with the best dental implant placement. This system provides turn by turn guidance that helps us to improve the movements of our tools during the dental implant placement process. It is almost like a GPS enabled implant treatment. With the X-guide, we can plan for all factors involved in placing your implants to find the ideal locations. We can visualize the placement of your dental restorations with virtual teeth. We can determine exact depths for your implants to provide you with the precise placement needed for the best possible outcome. Working with our 3D imaging unit, now we can do more than just plan the ideal procedure. Now we can execute it as well. Nobel X-Guide Navigation

3D Printer

3D printing is a new way of creating your dental restorations. Where CAD/CAM technology mills your teeth from a single piece of ceramic, the 3D printer creates your new teeth one layer at a time. After we take a scan of your mouth, the information is then sent to the 3D printer. This type of technology provides several significant benefits. With 3D printing, we can use a wider variety of materials. We can create models of your mouth. 3D printing also enables us to more closely match the exact detail of your real teeth, even the smallest details that may not be able to be recreated using CAD/CAM technology. With 3D printing, you can be provided with same day restorations, which helps you to avoid temporary restorations, additional appointments, and disruptions in your busy schedule. Formlabs 3D Printer

With the latest dental technologies, we can help you optimize your oral health and maintain your beautiful, confident smile. For more information on the technologies in our office, call Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery and Dental Implant Center at (570) 323-1900 today.


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