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Planmeca 3D Imaging Unit

A 3D imaging unit from Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery and Dental Implant Center
Your mouth is a complex structure that has several working components. All of these components are essential for allowing your mouth to perform some different essential tasks, including eating and speaking. There are many parts of your mouth that we can see, but several we cannot. In the event of experiencing symptoms of an oral health issue, we need to see every component of your mouth to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. At Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery and Dental Implant Center, we can do just that with our 3D imaging unit.

3D Imaging

Our 3D imaging unit is a machine that uses digital imaging technology to take pictures of all of the structures inside your mouth, including the ones that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The technology that the unit uses is similar to the technology used in digital X-ray machines. The images produced, however, more closely resemble images taken by a CT scan.

3D imaging involves the use of a 3D cone-shaped X-ray beam. This beam rotates 360 degrees around your head, taking several images as it moves. The software takes these images and pieces them together to create a single 3-dimensional image on a computer monitor. The scan takes less than a minute to complete, and the final image is displayed almost immediately. With the image produced, we can see soft tissue, bone, teeth, and nerves. All of the information provided allows us to make a much more accurate diagnosis and provide you with a much more effective treatment plan.

Uses for 3D Imaging

The 3D imaging unit can be used for several purposes, including:
•  Determining the presence of impacted wisdom, or other, teeth.
•  Looking over sinus cavities, nasal passages, and nerve pathways.
•  Determining the cause of temporomandibular joint disorder.
•  Evaluating jaw tumors.
•  Assessing the amount of bone mass in your jaw to determine your candidacy for dental implants. The image can tell us if a bone graft is needed. It can also be used to help determine optimal placement for dental implants.

How 3D Imaging is Performed

Getting a scan is a quick, simple, painless procedure. Before your scan, you will be requested to remove all jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and facial piercings. Metallic hairpieces, including hairbands with metal, should be taken out. If you wear glasses or hearing aids, these will also need to be removed.
You are then instructed to sit down at the machine and place your chin on the rest. We will make any necessary adjustments to ensure an optimal image is captured. While the scan takes less than a minute to complete, it is essential that you remain still. Once the scan is finished, the image is shown almost immediately on the computer monitor.

Benefits of 3D Imaging

3D imaging offers numerous benefits.
•  The scan is completely painless, and it takes less than a full minute to complete.
•  The scan produces a high-quality 3D image that shows us soft tissue, bone, and teeth.
•  We can manipulate the image to see your mouth from multiple angles. We can also zoom in on target areas and enhance the picture for clarity as well as change the coloring of the image to spot the smallest details.
•  The image provides exact 1 to 1 measurements, which help to enable the creation of perfectly fitting restorations.

With our 3D imaging unit, we can see every part of your mouth, including those invisible to the naked eye. With a complete picture of your mouth, we can make a more accurate diagnosis and provide you with the best possible treatment to restore the health of your mouth. Call Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery and Dental Implant Center at (570) 323-1900 to learn more today.


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