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Picture of Oral SurgeryAre you experiencing jaw pain, a clicking or popping of your jaw, headaches, or ear pain? If so, you could be living with a TMJ disorder. There are a variety of treatment options available, and even in the most severe cases, we can be called in to help.

Diagnosing A TMJ Disorder

An oral surgeon or a dentist can diagnose a TMJ disorder by following a few steps. First, a physical exam will be conducted, although there is no specific test that will conclusively diagnose TMJ. If you go to a dentist first, you will also discuss your medical history with them, and if necessary, your dentist might send you to an oral surgeon. In certain cases, an MRI of your jaw might be taken in order to detect cartilage damage within the joint. This will also rule out other health problems.

Home Remedies

A lot of TMJ disorder symptoms can respond well to home remedies. These can include the use of cold packs or ice and over-the-counter pain medications. Avoiding gum chewing and eating soft foods can also help, as can massage, stress reduction and relaxation techniques.

Dental Treatment

If home remedies aren't doing their job at treating your TMJ disorder symptoms, you may need medical intervention. A dental splint can be used to keep the teeth in proper alignment, and some dental offices may use Botox in order to relax the jaw muscles. Physical therapy could be recommended in order to strengthen the jaw muscles, and in the most severe cases, dental surgery on the jaw might be a necessity. TMJ Arthroscopy is a relatively simple procedure that can be completed on an outpatient basis and can allow you to feel better quite quickly.

If you have been suffering from TMJ disorder and painful or uncomfortable symptoms, make sure that you contact our office. We can suggest the best possible treatment method for your condition.


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